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Every night when those flickering lights go up during ‘Anything But Mine,’ it makes me pause.And it’s like that with just about every song I’ve ever played onstage.” For Chesney, crowned “The King of the Road” by The Wall Street Journal and “The People’s Superstar” by the Los Angeles Times, it has always been the fans who matter. It’s a look that’s helped make Kenny Chesney country’s favorite beach boy and win him a string of Entertainer of the Year trophies – and the title of People Country’s Hottest Guy 2013.

She also keeps close tabs on her man and has absolute meltdowns whenever she hears that Tim has befriended any woman no matter how innocent the situation may be. I figure if they’re as caught up in the moment as me and the guys are, they have no idea how awesome they sound. we want to be ready when it’s time to hit the stage.” “And listening to show after show, the one thing that never changes is the intensity of the fans.Hansen was part of a circle of friends he’d met back in the 1990s, when he was just on the cusp of stardom and began spending his downtime in the U. “You realize it could all end in a second,” he says.“And if it all went away just like that, did I do everything I wanted to do, did I say everything I wanted to say?

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